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Some people simply pick on those who think outside the box. Uncreative weak minded people feel less powerful when circumstances can change to take away their power. Innovators are often picked on by those fearing a change in the status quo.

Philosophy of Innovation: Fear of change can stop needed change in its tracks. Enlist support versus looking to knock down those less competent than yourself. It helps to try and offer as much stability as is feasible when suggesting changes. Consider retraining people in your organization along with other harmonious strategies.

Carefully address bullies. Use creative strategies to tackle bullies. Or learn to accept but not forget. Keep your inner dignity.

Bullies are misguided souls. Seems they may have unhealthy life or work motives. Bullies often are unwilling to get needed help.

stop-cyber-bullyBULLY QUOTES:

Where authority is weak, bullies can thrive. Social media is a common example when the bully can’t be identified.

Bullies often seek those less likely to stand up. They may hide behind anonymous online user names, so at to not suffer the social consequences for their ugly actions.

Dance of Anger: Don’t get caught into the harasser’s dance of anger. They can thrive on your reactions. Don’t make things worse than they have to be. Remember to take a deep breath trying to relax.

Be careful with how you respond to attackers. They may look for anything you say or do and turn it into ridicule.

It may be easier to deal with a physical bully you know, than an anonymous cyber harasser.

It’s about them not yourself: Try not to let your feelings or self-esteem be hurt. It’s the ugly person’s psychological issues at hand.

Get creative: Outsmart the bully without adding to the fire.

Always do what’s right.

Take action instead of relying of intentions. You build a reputation on what you do and not what you plan to do.


Respond to unhealthy criticism in a constructive way.

Love yourself. Keep up your spirits. Keep courage when facing bullies.

How you react to what others say is more important than the words others choose.

Stay in control of your feelings and thoughts. Take a deep breath. Act with integrity.

Think for yourself. You are your own teacher. Do what you believe is right and not necessarily what uncaring people tell you to do.


Try letting go from a position of strength.

If stopping the harasser isn’t working consider “letting go”. Ask yourself if what the bully is doing now will still be important to you three years from now.

Learning not to be bothered by bullies doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t care. It means that you can control yourself but not others.

Anger is unhealthy. It’s backed by countless life longevity studies.

Buddha said that anger is like grasping hot coals with intentions to throw at your assailant. You are the one who may get burned.

Start fresh. Every day is a new day.

Forgive but don’t forget.

Happiness is a state of mind. It’s not governed by external circumstances. Don’t let bullies get to you.

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