Bullies Target Creative Intelligence

Bullies Attack Bright Creative Minds

Too Creatively Intelligent For Conformist Thinkers:
Being too creative or too smart can attract harassers. The inadequate go after gifted people stirring feelings of inadequacy. Adapting to other’s feelings of inadequacy is not a skill well taught in academia. However geniuses and the like might choose to stop blaming their intelligence for lack of social skills.

Picking On Genius:
Gifted people get picked on for inconsequential reasons, thereby satisfying the bully’s desire to show control.

Ivory Tower Is Lonely:
Life can be tough for thinkers who are too creative or too intelligent. Better to practice the philosophy of innovation whereby others are included and less threatened by proposed changes.

Bully Humbleness Trap:
Bullies incorrectly perceive humbleness as weakness. Interestingly, gifted adults can try to acclimate others to innovative ideas. However trying to fit in with narrow minded people by replacing conceit with humbleness may have a down side. Humbleness may be perceived as weakness or doubt in one’s ideas latched onto by bullies.

cyber-bullies-attack-creative-intelligenceDumbing Down To Fit In:
To fit in, gifted people often inhibit their creative intelligence so as not to stand out. Such is one of the sociologically strongest enemies of creative thinking. There are many integrated facets to bullying non conformists for irrational reasons. The role bullying culture has in squashing talented people is stronger than many realize. Let your creative intelligence thrive. Use the art of creative adaptation against cyber bullies.

Don’t Let Cyber Bullies Stop Your Talents
Adapt Without Squashing Creative Intelligence

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