Tactics Against Bullies

Tactics For Stopping Bullies



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Tactics To Consider For Dealing With Your Cyber Bullies

Unfortunately “winning the fight against bullies” is not always the issue. Bullies are cowards deep inside, hence victims may win discussions anyway. Bullies can be closed minded to the truth. It’s amazing how little bullies may listen to sound reasoning if it’s not what they want to hear.

Because victims often have strong personalities, victims are probably seen as a potential threat by the harasser.

If victims start calling harassers names, attackers could interpret that as a direct attempt from victims to take over their position.

Cyber bullies have a weak side. Yes bullies are sensitive about their public image. They worry how they are viewed by their admirers. So ridiculing harassers be taken very seriously such as robbing the ugly person of their family, their honor, social value, house, money and friends. The bully may then react with animalistic modalities. Craft is needed in handling ugly attackers.

Take control of your inner life. Do what you can with attackers in your outer reality.

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