Bullies Push Group Think

Cyber Bullies Instill Narrow Thinking
Quotations On Transcending “Common Think”
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Cyber bullies instill closed-minded thinking. People who think outside the circle often get picked on by cyber bullies.

Stereotypes come into being when enough people appear to conform to it.

I’m humored for being eccentric, and I’m tickled by how you are all so much alike in thinking.

The creative thinker might choose to go nuts, conform to society or apply their creativity.

Sticking to the conventional less creative view might protect one from really thinking.

It takes courage to share unconventional thinking with those closed to fresh ideas.

Does the creative thinker adapt or confront? One can have more success adapting to others’ mindsets. Others make communication more about a confrontation. Expecting everyone to think things through logically without regard to how their identity is fixed to conventional patterns is wishful thinking.

More creative people might share quotes on skills shown to help convey innovative ideas to the closed-minded. Nobody is saying it would be easy but it would help if the innovator had the skills to minimize gaps of awareness instead of fighting or giving up. Adaptive social intelligence is an interesting subject for the gifted.

Conformist thinking within non-conformist groups:
• Many non-conformists dislike other non-conformists not abiding to the same standards.
• Being different from convention does not in and of itself make the less conventional more open or creative.
• Standards in far left and far right groups are often tighter than the center’s.

Transcend serious conformity or rebellion unless you desire to end up on different ends of the same ruler.

Your inner magic won’t grow if you over focus on trying to be normal.

…Scaring you into conformity with their comfortable little standards. Jack Kerouac

Higher incidence of neurosis when creative people choose not to adapt:

Sadly one often becomes neurotic if they don’t adapt enough to their cultural environment. Like it or not, it’s the sociology and cultural anthropology of things. Psychologists find creative people are more prone to suffering.

It takes little to look cool when conforming to standard notions of coolness. However it really takes tact and brilliant creativity to make something unpopular cool again.

It’s sad to see how society’s expectations can take away the young person’s gentle sweetness.

People have an innate ability to perceive things in a manner that it conforms to their preconceptions of reality.

Cultural sophistication:
Might what the culturally sophisticated practice be called “classy conformity”? It’s playing out conventions from one’s circle with confidence. For example a woman wearing a kimono in Japan might feel comfortable and be viewed as classy, but feel awkward and viewed as a curiosity were she likewise outside Japan.

Studies show original thinkers often feel guilty and or angry towards those holding to rigid standards.

Common people often fear to think outside the box because past experience brought them scorn.

Simplifying quotes:
When studying quotations, note a tendency you might notice to hold the opinion true. The fact that that a quote might over simplify matters to reduce wordiness need not destroy their applicable merits. One might lose sight of the main idea when over focusing on exceptions.

Some have mastered their culture’s language and way of thinking. They communicate eloquently but lack originality.

Grammar or quality of the idea?
Focus more on how people’s ideas on consciousness make you feel. They might be communicating in a second language. Those worrying about their grammar, or that of others are losing sight of ideas that transcend the boxes of language structure.

Think outside common language parameters:
Take a break from speaking to yourself in your familiar language. Use new parts of your brain (soul) with alternative languages. Passionate musical pieces in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or French flow with magic. (Translated) Japanese haikus inspire Zen mindfulness.

Skip the cyber bullies. Connect with like-minded people enjoying you for who you are. Creative thinkers being a minority can more readily find each other on the internet within a limited number of key strokes. Yes video conferencing groups with like-minded people around the planet are flourishing.

Connect with less conventional people via Twitter:
Most people in your town might lack the imagination you seek in friends. Social media is a great place to find and meet less conventional contemplators. Save time traveling to meet people. One reduces twitter noise by following quality people following your favorite tweeters. Those who often follow others might be more likely to follow you back. Share, re-tweet and connect with like-minded people. We’re on twitter too.

Tradition often may have its benefits. Tradition can be a guide without necessarily being a terrible thing.

Strangeness of “group think”:
Being very true to your creative self can make others feel you’re strange. You may not be of the “robot mind” they are and their identity is called into question. Yet not being true to inner self feels strange to yourself.

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. John F Kennedy

Artists may think narrow mindedness a deformity. Yet common people feel artists are possessed with deformed inspiration.

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To hope the entire world will become highly open-minded is wishful thinking. Like it or not, the social world is stitched together with conventionality. While being true to oneself, life may be easier by accepting and working with it than by fighting it. Connecting with imaginative like-minded people is the antidote.

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